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to Café Imperial Wien

Imperial Cake Vienna
A coffeehouse in Vienna is a place to spend time, to meet and to enjoy. The traditional ambience of the Hotel Imperial invites to relive history, evoking the esprit of many famous guests.

For the Viennese, a coffeehouse is like a second home outside of one's own home. Therefore, it has become a tradition for local folks to eat, drink, read, convene or work at one's favorite coffeehouse in Vienna, preferably at one's regular seat.
  • Opening Hours:

    Daily from 7 am until 11:00 pm

    Breakfast: from 7 am to 11 am


A Tribute to Viennese Coffeehouse Tradition
Viennese Specialties The day starts with a lavish buffet breakfast at the legendary Café Imperial Wien.

Afterwards, guests can enjoy delicious Viennese specialties and tidbits together with popular coffee variations such as Wiener Melange (coffee & milk blend), Pharisäer (the Austrian-style Irish Coffee) or Maria Theresia (black coffee with orange liqueur and whipped cream) as well as the home-made Imperial Torte until 11 PM.

At Café Imperial Wien the guest is king. Individual wishes are fulfilled any time and always with great pleasure.
Hotel Imperial

A Success Story Goes Around the World 

Imperial Torte Legend has it that kitchen apprentice Xaver Loibner created the Imperial Torte on the occasion of the opening of Hotel Imperial in 1873, in honor of Emperor Francis Joseph I, and his creation has been rightly considered the brightest jewel in Vienna's confectionery crown ever since. Young Xaver guarded his recipe like a treasure, and it remains secret to this day. Just as in 1873, the Torte today is an exquisite indulgence: The melt-in-the-mouth chocolate icing, a slightly tart aroma of almonds and the fusion of chocolate buttercream and marzipan make for an utterly perfect composition.

For generations now, the Imperial Torte has been made by hand with passion and attention to detail.
Imperial Torte